About DC Miles Zaltbommel

Development of a new modern distribution centre of approx. 27,477 m², centrally located in the Netherlands at business park De Wildeman in Zaltbommel.

State of the art logistics warehouse space which is currently being constructed and expected to be delivered by June 2020. The property comprises approx. 27,477 m² (GFA) divided over warehouse space, mezzanine space and office space. The property is located on a unique location in the direct vicinity of the new 40,000 m² large international parcel hub of DHL in Zaltbommel which is in the immediate vicinity of DC Miles Zaltbommel (< 500 meters). We believe that this will offer a unique possibility for E-com related logistic businesses with a large flow of parcels/orders.

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Business Park Wildeman is located just south of the heart of the Netherlands, along motorway A2 and close to the historic centre of Zaltbommel. On this park, a new state of the art logistics warehouse, DC Miles Zaltbommel will be developed. Due to its location this property will offer an attractive combination of sustainable structure in a green surrounding, excellent accessibility (being part of logistic hotspot Rivierenland) and a close collaboration on safety between all occupiers located at this park, the municipality of Zaltbommel as well as the police and fire departments.


Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) 77 km
Rotterdam (Port) 68 km
Breda 62 km
Eindhoven 51 km
Utrecht 44 km
Antwerpen 124 km
Duisburg 152 km
Hamburg 469 km
Zaltbommel train station 1.8 km
Motorway A2 3 km
Bus connection 0.5 km
Ring road Zaltbommel (N322) 1 km


unit 1

Warehouse Space10,777 m²
Office Space630 m²
Mezzanine Space1,094 m²
Total12,501 m²

unit 2

Warehouse Space12,978 m²
Office Space630 m²
Mezzanine Space1,368 m²
Total14,976 m²

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Warehouse space
  • The property will be realized according to the sustainability certification BREAAM-NL “Good”
  • Clear stacking height of approx. 12.2 m1 (between main beams)
  • Column spacing at 22.8 m1 (width of the building)
  • Main construction of concrete or steel
  • Warehouse floor: maximum floor load capacity of 50 kN/m2, maximum point load of 90 kN
  • Expedition area: maximum floor load capacity of 25 kN/m2 (depth expedition area approx. 17 m1)
  • Floor flatness of the concrete floor in warehouse according to DIN 18.202 Zeile 4
  • 1 electrically operated loading dock per 850 m2 GA with electrically operated hydraulic leveller with a dynamic load capacity of 60 kN/m2
  • Dock shelter with bumpers and dock numbers
  • 1 connection point for battery chargers per 850 m2 GFA
  • 1 overhead door on ground floor level per unit, measurements 4 x 4.5 m1
  • Prefab concrete plinth, height 4.5 m1 at loading bay area, height at other area’s 2.4 m1, with sandwich panels on top of concrete plinth
  • Isolation façade Rc 4.5 m2K/W
  • Isolation roof Rc 6.0 m2K/W
  • LED-lighting 200 lux (+ 1 m1) linked to 2 motion detectors per isle, based on 4 isles on main grid of 22.8 m1
  • Sprinkler installation, type ESFR with an inspection certificate
  • Heating system and eco fans (at least 15 °C)
  • Fire detection and evacuation system, fire hoses
  • Roof fitted out for installation of solar panels

Mezzanine floor
  • Mezzanine floor situated above expedition area
  • Construction, Consequences Class CC I
  • Clear height under mezzanine approx. 5 m1
  • Depth mezzanine max. 12 m1
  • Flatness of concrete floor according to DIN 18.202 Zeile 4
  • Maximum floor load capacity of 7.5 kN/m2
  • Floor fitted with balustrades and 2 pallet gates per 10,000 m2 GFA
  • LED lighting linked to motion detectors (1 per 100 m2 GFA) 250 lux (+ 1 m1)

Office space
  • Separate office entrance per unit
  • Ceramic floor tiles in entrance and sanitary spaces
  • Smooth concrete floors, suitable for carpet finishing
  • Suspended ceilings with LED lighting, average luminous intensity 500 Lux, with motion detectors (1 per 35 m2 GFA)
  • Pantry per office unit, fitted with dish washer, refrigerator and microwave
  • Metal stud partitioning walls
  • Aluminium window frames with isolated glazing HR++
  • Windows can be opened and are fitted with antiburglary hinges and locks (SKG***)
  • Toilet facilities
  • Cooling, heating and ventilating through a VRF-system (Variable Refrigerant Flow)
  • Cable ducts for electrical connections (2 pcs per 10 m2 office space) incl. a second compartiment for data cabling
  • Sprinkler installation with an inspection certificate
  • Fire detection and evacuation system, fire hoses

Outer Site
  • Outer site either paved with concrete clinkers or asphalt
  • Cars, traffic category 30 (VK 30) maximum axel load 100 kN
  • Heavy traffic, traffic category 45 (VK 45) maximum axel load 150 kN
  • Outer site fully fenced (height 2.5 m1) fitted with anti-climbing protection
  • Entrances and exits of the outer site fitted with electrically operated, remotely controlled sliding gates and intercom system
  • Parking facilities on own site
  • Bicycle park
  • LED outer lighting on facades over docks and parking spaces
  • Loading pit fitted with steel wheel guiders
  • Low maintenance green facilities

Lease and terms
Warehouse € 54.50 per m²/year (excl. VAT)
Mezzanine € 30.00 per m²/year (excl. VAT)
Office space € 125.00 per m²/year (excl. VAT)
Truck parking € 1,500.00 per space/annum (excl. VAT)

Service charges

By or on behalf of the landlord a specified number of services can be delivered to the tenant of required. Service charges are applied per m², per year, to increase with the turnover tax. Fees are paid quarterly in advance and will be reconciled against actual costs on an annual basis.


The landlord wishes to opt for rent and rental including VAT. In case the tenant can not deduct VAT, the rent will be increased in order to compensate the consequences of the expiration of the possibility to opt for taxable rent.


The property will be certified according to the BREEAM-NL ‘Very Good’.


The Landlord will assess lessee solvency. Lessee and Landlord will agree a suitable level of financial security.

Annual adjustment

Annual adjustment, for the first time one year after date of commencement of the lease agreement, in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), series all households.

Lease agreement

The agreement is based on the Standard ROZ lease agreement, model 2015, Dutch version.

Lease term

To be discussed and decided upon in joint consultation.


Q2 2020.

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